finished cattle

Cantrelle Ranch Cattle

Cantrelle Ranch, llc offers fed heifers ready to harvest mid August through September. They will be $2.50 per pound hanging/hot carcass weight and will be on feed for a minimum of 90 days. A deposit of $300 per head will be required. Our cattle are born, raised and fed locally. PM for more in or to reserve your animal. These cattle are located in Southwest Mariposa County, CA.

Cantrelle Ranch beef is truly grass fed and grass finished on our certified organic pastures. We sell Angus cattle that are born and raised on our farm and are 100% grass fed from start to finish. They are free-range and graze on our organic pastures comprised of tall fescue, perennial rye grass, white clover, red clover and native grasses. Our cattle are NEVER fed any grain or given any growth hormones or steroids.